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  1. Cheryl says

    Medha, I love your recipes. While I’m not 100% into super healthy foods, your recipes appeal to me because of the Indian flavors. I’m from Southeast Asia and have grown up with Indian foods so I like the way you blend the western ingredients with Indian spices. I eat healthy but still like to eat out (not fast foods) every now and then (especially ethnic foods). Are you a professional cook now? Who do you cook for?

    Thanks for sharing your recipes.


  2. Garima says

    Hey Medha,
    Greetings from Australia!
    I found the link to this website while I was googling for a quinoa recipe. I read about you and your journey and felt it so much like myself! I was always skinny till my mid twenties and then gradually started putting on weight because of lifestyle, work, stress, hormonal imbalances etc etc. I have transitioned from 74 Kilos to 56 Kilos by eating right and making positive changes towards everything in my life. And now I a health food addict who can’t live a day without green smoothies and fresh salads. So happy to find a website like this….loved the recipes and will be visiting you regularly.

  3. says

    Hi! My name is Nicole and I love looking through your recipes…I am kinda obsessed with food especially since my acquiring numerous food allergies.
    ☺️ I am on my own health journey and a beginner blogger. I saw your amaranth crackers and I experimented to find out how I could change the recipe to my own dietary needs. That being said, may I tag you in reference on my blog ( I would love to give you credit for inspiring me to dive into making tasty recipes for allergy-prone people.

    Thank you for your time!


  4. Jane says

    I just made your lentil & beet green soup and it was so delicious. I had everything on hand but the fenugreek seeds (I’ll be buying some soon). Thank you so much – I was bored with plain sauteed greens and this was perfect.

  5. Pearlsa says

    Hello Medha,

    I have never commented but enjoy reading your blog and I follow you on Instagram. I am just checking in, hope you are OK, I have not seen a new post from in a while.


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